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The D90 Intelligent Data Switch (IDS)

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Remote Switching
Simple Control
Instant Switching

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This is the latest addition to the D90 range of connectivity solutions. It enables groups of user ports to be switched instantly from one system to a backup system. Essential for critical systems where large numbers of users require immediate recourse to a backup system in the event of a network failure.

The controlling data channel can be connected either locally or remotely to a PC, terminal or Network Management System. User lines and services are connected to the IDS via standard RJ45 sockets. In fact, the Intelligent Data Switch can act as a remotely configurable patch panel, switching users between services without even opening the cabinet!

Switching is controlled by simple commands. These can be manually entered from a keyboard or generated by a higher level Network Management System. A simple PC-based control program is provided, together with its source code to get you up and running in no time at all.

User ports can be switched all at once, in groups of 8 or on an individual basis. Or for a foolproof switchover to the fallback system one "panic" button will do it all.

Each IDS module controls 8 user lines. A 19" subrack can hold two IDS modules. The subracks can be daisy-chained together allowing a single data channel to control the routing of up to 2040 data cables on an individual or bank switched basis.

The D90 Intelligent Data Switch is designed to handle bandwidths from basic telephone to digital data in excess of 100 Mbps.

IDS modules can also be combined in a rack with any of the other modules in the D90 range such as Ethernet, X25, Synchronous (Bull VIP, IBM3270, ICL CO3 etc.) or Diplomat Network Monitor (DNM) modules.

D90-IDS modules can be used to build complex switching networks enabling you to give your users a choice of services with the security of centralised control.

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