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[January 2008]

Hackerproof, cheap, economical, hardware Ethernet IP Firewall, Network Security. Packet Types, Ports, Sockets Filters, Address Translation, Independent, Transparent, Maintenance Free

These prices are for guidance only. All prices are quoted in £Sterling and exclude VAT and delivery charges. Please contact us for overseas delivery terms

The LuciGate Firewall from £850

Smart card programming unit and software (unlimited use within one organisation - no licence required) £145

interface modules network monitor synchronous asynchronous LAN protocol emulation code conversion 2780 3780 3270 VIP CO1 CO3 synch/asynch poll/select

Diplomat D90 rack based components:

D90-SRD 19" Subrack with power supply and 14-module back plane from £600

D90-SRE Special 19" Subrack with power supply for up to 2 IDS modules from £450

D90-DNM Network Monitor Module from £360

D90-SS1 Serial Synchronous Module for connection to synchronous mainframe port from £360

D90-SA2 Serial Asynchronous 2 port module from £360

D90-SA4 Serial Asynch 4 port module for simple sync to async and PAD applications from £600

D90-SSA Serial Synchronous to Serial Asynchronous module from £360

D90-LAN LAN module for connection to Ethernet Networks from £360

D90-IDS Intelligent Data Switch module 8 channel from £700

protocol converter, synch/asynch, poll/select, emulation, code conversion, 2780, 3780, 3270, VIP, CO1, CO3

Diplomat stand alone units:

There are many different models and versions of the Diplomat jr ranging from off-the-shelf standard versions at £395 to specially modified units for special applications. Please contact Lucidata for quantity pricing.

connectivity, protocol converters, legacy solutions, networks, security, firewalls

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